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Alfonso Ribeiro recalls his crazy fan experience 

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where did this come from and why can’t I stop saying it (via alphaidiot)

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rare exclusive photo of jaime and cersei lannister as teenagers


rare exclusive photo of jaime and cersei lannister as teenagers

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Reddit > Tumblr

in the case of asking for advice.

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Sugar peas!!!


Sugar peas!!!

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actual dialogue 

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The National Galleries [x]


The National Galleries [x]

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The worst part of owning a business is your friends. Because they’ll come in, and they only drink top-shelf. It’s never “Oh, give me the little cheap vodka.” It’s ” I want the purified, XO vodka from the top, double-distilled…” When you give ‘em a tab, it’s “Why would you… Talking about you’re going to give me a tab!” Anthony Mackie ǀ Esquire

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Hung out with my niece and godson today

I’ve never really hung out with my niece (cousin’s daughter, all Filipinos are family anyway) because she’s always been shy around me (I blame it on her parents because of the somewhat sheltered life).

She’s around 6 I think and it was really nice to talk to her and play with her. She told me about school and her favorite shows. She reminds me of her mom so much already. I also learned that she’s really good at pouting. But the most fun part was when she told me about her friends.

Not only was I happy that she had friends (because of the somewhat sheltered life, I thought it would be difficult for her to make friends), but she seemed genuinely happy when she talked about them. She said her friend Gracelyn dared her to kiss a boy, but she was like “No, he’s a boy.” And I, being the man that I am, reassured her that boys are gross and that she needs new friends. 

She will be moving with her parents down south in the coming months, and I’m glad I got to know her a bit, because I know I won’t see her for a long time after the move. I feel sad that I won’t get to know her better, but more sad that she will have to leave the friends she made here. 

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